Invest in the human soul. Who knows, it might be a diamond in the rough. -  Mary McLeod Bethune

M-B Section  NCNW, Inc.

P.O. Box 6037, Largo, MD 20792

​​Commitment, Unity and Self Reliance

Mitchellville-Bowie Section of National Council of Negro Women, Inc.

Yvette Tate, Charter Member: 1998 – 2005
Sister Yvette was here from the beginning along with her daughter who joined as well becoming part of our Youth Division. Yvette was very active in the section with a passion for hospitality and everything that went with it. Yvette made sure all of our programs and events were top notch, starting from our accommodations for our special guest, down to cracker formation on our buffet table.  She made sure everything ran to order. Yvette was also a Lieutenant on the Metropolitan Police Department which eventually pulled her from our flock due to her high profile assignments.  She and her family continued to support all of our endeavors whenever possible. In late August of 2005, Yvette accepted her last assignment from God.

Bertha “Bertie” Wilson: 2001- 2009
Sister Bertie became part of our Section by way of her sister, Vicky who felt Bertie would be a good link to the chain of dedicated section members and of course she was. She was ready to assist on any project whenever asked but her major task was preparing the Cole Slaw for our annual Crab Feast. Cooking was her passion and she gave it her all. When work started on the NCNW Black Family Reunion Committee, whereas Vicky thought it was her first time, Bertie quickly made it clear to her that she did not need any instructions because she had been a volunteer through National for the last five years and knew what had to be done. Even though she moved into the District of Columbia, her loyalty remained with Mitchellville-Bowie where she continued to give of her time and support. Bertie transitioned from earth to her peaceful rest in January of 2009.

Kim Dent: 2008-2010

Our sister, Kim, was a dedicated Section member working untiringly to support our community service efforts that included educational programs for the youth, Christmas in April project, assistance to our Adopted Family event, and the Relay for Life activity. In her short time with the Section, Kim was elected to serve as our Section's Corresponding Secretary and she willingly accepted the task. But God had other plans for Kim and called her to a peaceful rest in August of 2010, less than a month before she was to begin fulfilling the duties of her newly elected position in the Section.

Charlene J. Ellison: 2004-2010
Sister Charlene was also a dedicated Section member and came to us by way of supporting her daughter in our Youth Group. After her daughter, Ebony went off to college, Charlene joined the Adult section and a year later she willingly accepted the challenge to serve as the Advisor for our Youth. We cannot forget her years of dedicated service to our youth whom she loved so dearly. Charlene kept them focused on giving back to the community and helping those who were less fortunate. She made it her priority to make sure the youth had the resources to pursue higher education goals. In late October of 2010, she took a ride on the Freedom Train to Glory.

Janice Hicks Payton-Perry: 2002-2021

In April 2002, Sister Jan joined and became a long-time member of the Mitchellville-Bowie Section of the National Council of Negro Women, Inc.  She committed herself to the organization so much so that she later became a Life Member at the National level. She served in various capacities during her membership up until the day she was called Home to be with the Lord.
Her most recent position within the Section was Parliamentarian. She had also served as the Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Annual Crab Feast Committee, Chair of the Annual Planning Session, and as a Prayer Warrior/Spiritual Partner. Jan volunteered with national membership, the Annual Uncommon Heights Gala, and the bi-yearly National Convention. Jan truly believed in
the works of what NCNW stood for and was grateful to have had the many opportunities to meet and work with Dr. Dorothy Irene Height before Dr. Height's passing in 2010.


If you worry about who is going to get the credit, you don’t get much work done. 

Dr. Dorothy Irene Height


Faith is the first factor in a life devoted to service.  Without it, nothing is possible.  With it, nothing is impossible.

Mary McLeod Bethune


We love and support each other in all our endeavors.  To encourage lasting bonds amongst NCNW sisters we not only serve together but we fellowship together through our annual social events.